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The state promotes clean airwith grants and subsidies!

If you are an entrepreneur in the market segment "New Energies", for example as an operator of a biogas plant, and you need subsidies to secure your existence and/or funds to improve your liquidity, Hartmann's experts are at your disposal.  If you are planning investments in fixed or current assets, developments, products, services, personnel measures or the market launch of products, then you can:

  • Lost grants (without repayment!)
  • Low-interest loans (partly with release from liability)
  • Guarantees / participations / venture capital
    Tax relief
  • from the respective support programs of the municipalities, the states, the federal government or the EU.

Hartmann Filter is at home in the complicated and hardly manageable world of the approx. 1,200 funding programs and the approx. 972 funding guidelines. In cooperation with the responsible authorities and institutes and many other network partners, we can help you obtain the funds to which you are entitled.

We can assist you with the "authority and bank friendly" conception of your projects up to the application for funding.

We have an up-to-date and well-maintained network of system and specialist planners, highly experienced consultants and consulting partners that we can activate as required and involve in the planning and implementation in consensus with the client.

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